First Impressions

This is my first blog and I am not really sure where to start. I hope that once I get more comfortable with this form of communication I will bring to you some interesting or helpful information. I am just going to go for it. Today I woke up at 5 am to leave for work by 5:30. My shift doesn’t start until 8 am but I have to fight the LA traffic. Thank goodness for my new Tassimo coffee machine, I am not a morning person and I need my coffee to get going. Tassimo has been the best purchase I have made recently. I am a Starbucks junky, but I was getting frustrated because they didin’t open early enough or they moved to slow in the morning. When I found out that Tassimo was going to have Starbucks t-disc I was sold. The machine works great, there is no mess and I don’t have to wait in line for coffee. Want to check them out go here. By the way I don’t make any money from them nor was I asked to write about them. I just love my new coffee machine.

Today I am working for Dreamworks as a registered nurse (medic) on a movie set. The best part of my day so far is my temporary office. I am sitting on the terrace of a prestigious estate in Beverly Hills that has a wonderful view. The sun is just rising and the air is fresh. Spring is in the air. This is much nicer than my last location on skid row. I have been working as a movie medic for 15 years. It has been a very interesting job. Much different than my first job as a neonatal intensive care nurse in the hospital, or an Urgent care nurse, private duty nurse, or a nurse educator. I never pictured myself working as a nurse in the jungles of Hawaii, on a Lake in Utah, or out in the middle of the desert when it is 115 degrees. Sometimes the job is quite physical and sometimes I am sitting around waiting for something to happen, like firemen do.

Tonight I will be working as a music producer for a company (Flying Kitten Music) I run with my husband John. I work mainly on the kids music. We have just released our 2nd CD Billy Gorilly:”Happy Birthday Gertie”, our first children’s album was “Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family”. You can find the music on many online stores, but our favorite distributor is CDBaby. The cartoon character Billy Gorilly, is a singing, swinging, friendly blue gorilly that loves to sing, read, and learn. He also has a podcast “Billy Gorilly’s Podcast for Kids” that can be listened to for free at his website or on itunes. The podcast are 10 minutes or less and provide educational content. If you have young kids or know some check out Billy Gorilly’s website. Just a note, I am the cartoon voice of the young boy named Timmy. Being a voice actor is pretty fun. I never imagined I would be the voice of a cartoon character.

Now you know a little bit about me. It is weird making a first impression through a blog, but that is technology. I love technology. How about you?


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