It’s Snowing in Beverly Hills

The sun is shining, the air is warm, and it is snowing. Thanks to our fantastic special effects crew we have a winter wonderland here in Beverly Hills. No I am not crazy, its movie making. The scene that was filmed was supposed to take place back east in the middle of winter. It never ceases to amaze me how movies are made. In only a few days the construction crew built a fake swimming pool with the decking, and a large gazebo. We brought in numerous hedges and other plants to hide things that were not to be seen. The pool was frozen with the lights shining from below. This is only the outside of the house. Inside the house was a beautiful 18 foot christmas tree. The set decorators also brought in beautiful antique furniture making it look like it has been in the place for years. It takes many people and much planning to create all this. The crews need to be flexible and creative to come up with inventive ways to create the look the director wants. They also need to be ready to change the look quickly when the director changes their mind. Now that the one night of filming is over the set is being torn down. The snow is being swept up, which by the way gets everywhere and into everything. It will take about three days and 50 people to return the home back to its original state or even better. Most movie companies try to leave the place nicer than they found it just like your mom tought you.

Now I have to go and get my taxes ready ugh :(. It is much more fun living in a fantasyland.


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