Bodega Bay

On a recent visit to Sonoma we decided to check out the famous Bodega Bay in California. Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” was filmed here in 1963. The bay is about one-hour N. of San Francisco. The drive to the coast was easy and beautiful. We decided to find the hiking trail we heard about and go for a nice walk. The trail is well kept and not to difficult. There were some mild hills to climb so I suggest good walking shoes. Sandals were not the best choice. The trail winds along the coast with spectacular views

There are many places to stop and take pictures. The trail had many walkers but it was not crowded. It was nice to see all the children walking with with their parents. We walked and enjoyed the view for a couple of hours.

After our hike we decided to get a bite to eat. We did not have a place in mind so we drove until we sited a little outdoor dining spot called Spud Point Crab Co. It is a small family owned business that sits across the street from the Bodega Bay Marina. We tried the clam chowder and the crab cakes and they were fresh and delicious. I would definately eat there again.

Our trip to Bodega Bay was a fun adventure. If you are ever in the area and looking for things to do I would recommend taking a drive to Bodega Bay.



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