Bugs-Gross or Beautiful?

I was sitting in my backyard several days ago sipping my morning coffee when I saw this beautiful bright orange dragonfly. It was flitting around my table as to say good morning look at me. He would land on a wire lantern post and just look around. I thought oh, I need to get a picture so I ran upstairs to get my camera. This was too cool to miss. I also had just purchased a new digital camera and had to practice using it. I slowly walked up to him or her and started snapping pictures. I had no idea what settings to use. The dragonfly just stared at me as if he was saying “do you mind I just want to enjoy the sunshine” or ” which way shoud I turn so you can get my good side”. Either way I thought you might enjoy looking at my attempts to get some buggy pictures. I think some of the kids at the summer reading program “CATCH THE READING BUG” might get a kick out of them as well. Bugs have been on my mind for awhile as I prepared activity pages and worked on a Catch the Reading bug podcast for Billy Gorilly’s Podcast for kids episode 11. Which by the way can be found on itunes or at billygorilly.com. Enough about that. I want to show you a couple more pictures. I am not sure of any of the settings on the camera. At one time I think I was on macro digital or something like that. The pros would probably cringe at my attempts. I just thought it was so amazing to be able to get within 2-3 inches away from this beauty of a bug and he did not fly away. I was also facinated with all the intricacies of his body. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I.

You are welcome to use these pictures anyway you like (as long as you don’t sell them). Please give credit to Tamara Maellaro. I would also be thankful for a link to this site, but it is not mandatory. I just want to share them with you and anyone that is interested. The link would be: https://flyingkitten.wordpress.com/2008/06/26/bugs-gross-or-beautiful/

If you click on the pictures you can get a larger view. I can’t believe this or maybe I can. My dragonfly friend is just outside my window as I finish writing this. I love nature.


2 responses to “Bugs-Gross or Beautiful?

  1. Cool Bug pictures!

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