Wash Your Windows [it’s easy]

Two days ago I decided I was going to take a break from my Billy Gorilly music tasks and wash some windows. Why I am telling you this? Well I finally figured out how to wash windows the right way and I wanted to share my new found techniques. Work like a pro and be green at the same time. Never again will I use paper towels and expensive window cleaner or ammonia. I would always have streaks and spots never really getting the window clean. I hate washing windows but I do like to look out of nice clear glass. I often work facing a window and I want to be able to see what is going on outside. I actually kind of found it fun, well fun may not be the right word but I did find it satisfying when they were done. My large sliding glass doors only took about 60 seconds each and looked fabulous. I don’t suggest working in direct sun or in the heat but I did and they still came clean. I was amazed and happy.

Here are my new found techniques for washing windows. I went to my friendly/helpful neighborhood Ace hardware store to buy my tools.

Tools Needed

1. Squeegee (You can buy a nice one for less than $20 bucks) spend the money. It makes all the difference

2. Scrubber

3. Bucket

4. Dish soap-1 tsp. per 2 gallons warm water (I used dawn because that is what I had)

5. Old towel to wipe edges

6. Ladder or extension pole


First I put 1 tsp. of dish soap in my bucket (I didn’t have a fancy rectangle one and it worked fine). Then I filled it up with warm water. I started outside. Dip scrubber into water, squeeze excess out and then scrub window. Take your squeegee and wipe across or downward. Use your towel to wipe the blade when it starts dripping. Finish off the edges of the window with a clean towel. Sounds pretty simple and it is. When you do the inside I suggest putting a towel at the bottom of the window to catch the drips.

I found this website with great detailed instructions with many pictures you might find helpful. http://www.rd.com/familyhandyman/content/17661/

I hope these tips helps you make the drudgery of home maintenece just a bit easier and more enjoyable. If I only help one person it will put a smile on my face :).


8 responses to “Wash Your Windows [it’s easy]

  1. Dish soap, or wash up liquid, is great for window cleaning solution. But there are newer products like glass gleam 4 that leave less residue around the corners of the windows.

    Also, terry cloth towels leave a lot of lint on the windows. If you can get your hands on a microfiber cloth, or even a chamois, DO IT!

  2. Kris,

    Thanks for your helpful tips. I agree with you about the microfiber cloth. I use them often. Luckily when I washed my windows my towels were so old they hand no more lint left. I am going to check out the glass gleam 4 to see what it is all about. It has to be something really special to get me away from using dish soap.

  3. Kris,

    I just went to your website at:


    It looks like you offer a great service. I liked all the before and after pictures.

  4. Alot of people that clean glass with windex do not realize that they are not really washing the window. You can use windex but the key to clean glass is actually washing the window. Just spraying the glass here and there, and then wiping the window with a paper towel results in moving dirt around from one point to the other. Washing (soaking and scrubbing) the windows then cutting the water off the glass has the most desired affect. Beginners should always wash on cloudy days also.

  5. That is true Tony that window cleaning is much easier to do on a cloudy day. If you can’t avoid the sun, then try to work around it by remembering that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Take a look at the building and see how you can time it so that you never have to wash a window in direct sunlight.

    Also, Tamara, thanks for checking out my website and the compliment on my before and after pictures… It seems like that is the only selling point that I have on my site. Most people critique it except for they say, “well, you have some pretty good before and after pics.”

    So thanks, and nice blog. I like reading your tips.

  6. I agree with Kris, Glass Gleam 4 is the best solution for window cleaning. It leaves very little residue.

    Also a good tip is to use surgical towels to detail the edges of your windows. These are the kind of towels that doctors and dentists use. You can pick them up at most janitorial supply stores. They are the best for this type of work.

    • Hi Brian,
      I have never used Glass Gleam 4. I have seen it at the hardware store though. I’m sure it works well. I should try it to see if I see a difference. I’m just your ordinary homeowner and the dish liquid worked great. I’m not sure what they used when I hired a professional to do all the windows I can’t reach in my 2 story house.

      The tip on using surgical towels is a great idea.

      Do you have any tricks on how to get screens out/in without bending them? I can never get them back in without bending them. I even used a putty knife. When I hired a pro it seemed like they just pop right in/out with no trouble. I guess it’s lots of practice.

  7. I love working with GG4 as Kris mention before. No residue left behind.

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