Yuck! Wash Your Hands

Podcast-Kids Learn How To Wash Hands

Podcast-Kids Learn How To Wash Hands

I decided to write this post when I was thinking back on an incident that happened to me a short time ago. I was at a well-known coffee house getting my caffeine fix. I placed my order and the barista then turned around and sneezed into both of his hands. Let me tell you we are talking a big juicy sneeze. He then wiped his hands on his apron and then wiped his nose again. There were probably 10 people in line behind me. I thought to myself wash your hands; you better wash your hands. He did not wash his hands and began making my drink. I was thinking OK do I say something in front of all these people or do I just ignore it and don’t worry about it. Well, he finished making the drinks as he wiped his nose again, then handed me the two drinks with his hands over the sipping hole. Yuck! I decided to stay quiet as not to make a scene. I walked out of the store and threw the drinks away. Side note: the store gave me vouchers for new drinks after I let them know what took place.

My point of this story is to point out how important washing your hands is. Washing your hands properly with plain soap and water is one of the best ways to avoid colds and flu. Not to mention the many other illnesses. As a Registered Nurse I have taken many classes on proper hand washing technique. In my early education there was a very memorable demonstration in one of the classes. We all had to sign into the class. We used the pen that was sitting on the form. At the end of the class the instructor turned out the lights and turned on a special lamp. There were spots glowing all over the classroom. We had it all over our hands, and on our face. The pen had a harmless dye on it representing germs. It showed us how the germs traveled. And how each of us had a part in that spread. This exercise was not designed to freak us out so we would never touch anything. Or to make us wash our hands so much they bleed. Thank goodness we have wonderful body’s and immune systems that take care of us if we take care of them. It only takes 15-20 seconds to wash, but it makes a huge difference.

Teaching Kids How To Wash Hands

If you would like a very fun way to teach little kids about hand washing I invite you to listen to this podcast.

Billy Gorilly’s Podcast for Kids episode #10 Sorry no longer available

On Billy’s podcast page you will find a link to a great hand washing poster for kids and a hand-washing guide for kids. The rules apply to adults as well.

I wish all of you a Happy Healthy Holiday Season,


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