Do You Take Your Kids to the Library?

Be Creative at Your Library

© 2009 flying kitten music / kingman publishing

I have been working on a project for the Summer Library Reading Program called Be Creative @ Your Library. I don’t work for the library. I am creating materials to go with a theme song for the library program. If you would like to hear the song you can listen here.

All this got me thinking….

How many parents still take their children to the library?

I remember my mom taking me to the library when I was a little kid. I also remember walking to the library (now we drive the kids) when I was old enough. There is something about holding the books in your hand that the computer can’t give you. I remember walking out of the library with my stack of books feeling like I just won a big prize. I still love going to the library. I will go and pick up several books. Most of the time I don’t go in with a specific topic in mind. I just wander around until I find something that seems interesting.

Do you take your children to the library? if you do, how often do you go? Share your library experiences.



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