Are kids under 12 going to be banned from the library?

No Kids at the library?

If you don’t want kids under 12 banned from the library you might want to read this blog at . There is a new law about childrens products and lead. This law would make it so the libraries would have to remove all the kids books or not let kids under 12 in the library.

This is the title of the press release from the ALA (american library association)

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2009

ALA Files Comments, Urges CPSC To
Exempt Libraries from Regulation Under
Consumer Product Safety Act

Here is the link to the press release click here

I for one love the libraries and feel they are so valuable to our community. This can’t happen. I know that the government is trying to keep kids safe, but is this to much?

Spread the word so this does not happen.




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