My Lap Desk Helps Me be Creative…Really!

Why I Love My Levenger Laprador Lap Desk

About a week or two ago I was on Twitter and @officesupplygee tweeted about something from Levenger. I smiled as I read the tweet because I was using my new Lap Desk that was a gift from my husband. I am also a big fan of Levenger products and use them everyday. I love their Circa system, briefcases, pens, and well, just about everything. See what Steve Leveen, CEO of Levenger thinks about Twitter read here.

I sent out a little tweet about my love of my lap desk and kind of forgot about it. After an hour of work while sitting on the couch using my new desk I got up and set it on my coffee table.

This is where the review comes in. When I walked back into my living room I looked at my desk on the table and it looked like I staged it for photos. I had the wings out, I had my laptop sitting on top, my cell phone was next to the computer and the mouse was on the right pull out drawer.

I thought I have to take a picture of this and write a blog. I am always looking for something to write about. So, I grabbed my digital camera and took photos ( the only thing I did was open the left drawer lid, pens and paper were in there)

I then realized the desk did not show because it was sitting on a dark coffee table so I closed the lid of my computer to see if it would show better and I had to laugh again. If you look very close the magazine under my desk is a levenger catalog. I promise I did not put it there for the picture.


desk with mag

I still was not happy with the images so I picked up the desk and moved it to the area where I sit on the couch. Sorry I could not take a picture of myself using the desk. You can also see my circa notebook. I really do use all these things.

desk on couch

I am getting to what I love about this desk but I still have more to tell you. When I received this gift I loved it, but thought it was a bit expensive at $159.00. I was thinking like a girl and thought if I get a cheaper desk then I will use the leftover money to buy some clothing item. I gently asked my hubby if we could go to the office supply store and look at other lap desks. Off to the store we went. I came home with 3 different lap desks. I tried each and every one of them. None of the cheaper desks came even close to the Laprador. We took all of the desks back and I was happy not to get the new clothes.

This is what I love about the desk
• First it looks sleek and sexy (if a desk can look sexy)
• I love the rich leather top
• It sits comfortably on my lap and doesn’t feel like my laptop is going to fall off
• The padded wrist area adds comfort and helps with hand fatigue
• The elastic straps on each side hold my papers in place even when I carry it by the handle
• Easy to carry
• Very lightweight (this is a big important bonus for comfort)
• The drawers give you a bit of storage for pens and some paper
• A mouse can be used on the pullout drawer
*note I do wish the drawers felt a bit more sturdy when pulled out. More support when using mouse.

I feel more creative when I am able to move around
When I am writing, designing, or working on my website I need to move around. Sitting at one desk or chair for to long gets uncomfortable. I like to change positions to prevent hand and neck fatigue. This desk lets me do that. Sometimes I sit with it on my lap, sometimes it sits on the couch and I sit crossed legged and lean over to it. the bonus is I have options. Yes, and sometimes I sit at my table desk.

If you are considering a lap desk
you might want to give the Laprador a try. It is pricey, but I think well worth it. I have always been happy with my Levenger products, wait I take that back I did have one issue with a circa disc. I let the company know and the next week I had a nice note and a replacement. Wow, I didn’t even ask for a replacement. Now that is excellent customer service.

Find out more at

I am not a professional reviewer nor do I receive any compensation. I am just a satisfied customer 🙂


12 responses to “My Lap Desk Helps Me be Creative…Really!

  1. OMG! Do you know I never knew you had a blog? How come you never told me? I am SO GLAD I found this! I will be stalking you from now on! *hugs*

    PS I want a lap desk!

    • Thanks for checking it out. I don’t announce it often because I don’t blog like you do. Maybe I will start letting people know. Feel free to stop by anytime. You know I am at your site everyday. I am going to try and get your button image to show. Not sure why it isn’t

  2. Wow! I didn’t know you had a blog either. You are a very smart, talented and very busy lady! I enjoyed reading the older posts. Hope your friend with breast cancer is recovering and holding her own with the chemo. I had a good friend deal with breast cancer about 10 years ago. She is doing great now.

  3. Suzanne, thanks for the kind words. This is something I enjoy doing very much. I am so thankful to hear about your friend. It helps!

    I appreciate you stopping by and hope you will check back some time.

  4. Greetings,
    I’m searching for ideas to help another customer and stumbled onto your blog; not to post, but I have a question. My customer is wanting to assist his folks in storing their lap desks. We used to offer a Laplander, a wooden box with removable wooden slats that allowed adjustments depending on the number or size of the lapdesk(s) you want to store. I’ve requested we re-introduce this item, it’s really handy, but in the meantime, how do you store your Laprador? Great review by the way!! What do you think of posting on our website? We love to hear how our customers are using our products. Thank you again for your positive review, and thanks for being a preferred Levenger customer. Susan

  5. Hello Susan,

    I keep my laprador lap desk on top of our piano bench. It’s easy for me to grab, use, and store. When we play the piano we just set it on the couch.

    Thank you for the kind words. I would be happy to post on your site. I will look at your site to learn more.


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  7. Hello! I’m very happy that I found your website with this review. I’am also a nurse (Cardiac Tele) who loves using my laptop mostly on the couch or on the bed on my days off. I’ am really wanting to get the laprador also. I’m wondering how big is your laptop? Mine is about 17 inches (screen size). Is that too big for the laprador?

    Thanks so much ~= )

    • Hi Jacob,
      Yay another nurse. I worked NICU and Peds for many years and and now medic as you probably read.

      As far as the Laprador size… My computer is a 15in MAC Book and has room on the sides. I measured the Laprador and it should hold a 17in computer with a bit of room on each side, about 1/2in. So unless the base of your laptop is larger than 18in it should fit.

      For me the Laprador works very well and I continue to use it on a regular basis. Hope this helps with your decision.


  8. I love almost everything Levenger offers. I love the CEO’s ethic and accessibility. I’ve also exchanged tweets with him (I’m @mommytheorist). I’ve also visited the showroom in Delray Beach, FL. You’d love it!!

  9. Hi Tamara, and Hi MommyTheorist!
    We love reading good things about Levenger…I work with John who came from Delray Beach to open our operations here in the Mid-South. He remembers the showroom but he says that was “some time ago.” Don’t want to disappoint, but it might be worse to make a trip for naught. Our stores in Boston, Chicago and Tyson’s Corner are great hands-on experiences though. Please visit us sometime! Susan at the Help Desk

  10. Hi MommyTheorist and Susan,

    Thank you for the tips on the showrooms. It would be fun to see everything in person. For now I will enjoy my catalogs, and the Levenger products I use in the office and at home.

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