The Baby Doves Have Hatched

I just wanted to post a quick update on the baby doves. If you would like to see the first images click here

The family is doing fine. I’m amazed at how calm they are with me around. I literally can get within inches of them and they just look at me. They decided to make their nest right where I have to get garden tools. I try not to bother them with too many photo shoots.

Here is a video of the babies getting fed. Sorry for the odd angle

Hope you enjoy!



6 responses to “The Baby Doves Have Hatched

  1. Tamara,
    They are sooooo precious! Beautiful and graceful, and the babies are so fluffy! How wonderful you can get so close to them!
    Thank you!
    XO Candy

  2. They are really cute. I’m still amazed that I can almost touch them and they don’t move. I think they know we won’t hurt them.

    Babies are getting ready to fly out of nest. Mom and dad are working hard not to let them fall out of nest too early.


  3. Wow Tamara! They are adorable. My son loved the video, he watched it sideways…lol.

    • Hi Lisa,

      They are cute. It’s been fun following them. They are getting big fast. Soon they will fly away.

      Glad your son had fun watching the video. I have to work on how I hold the camera LOL.

  4. Yes, how did you manage that anyway?

    • I think I was holding my camera in portrait view, but with video you have to hold in landscape. Not really sure maybe I was standing sideways.

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