A Dragonfly On My Finger

My Friends Call Me
Mrs. Sunshine

© TamJam Productions—MrsSunshine all rights reservedOver the July 4th weekend my husband and I were sitting on the patio enjoying a cup of coffee when a dragonfly came around. He or she comes by often, and flies really close to where we sit. I always talk to it as if it understands what I’m saying.

This time it landed on one of our lanterns and my husband said you should try to pick it up.

I thought for a quick second and then I grabbed my trusty iPhone, and this is what happened…

As I was waiting for this video to upload I went back outside to get up and move around. As soon as I walked out the door my dragonfly friend came around. I got him on video. He let me pick him up again. I think I really do have a new friend.

I’m also thankful for  my wonderful hubby John, for providing me with the music. He stopped the music project he was working on to quickly record a bit of peaceful music for my video on my little blog.  OXOXOX

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8 responses to “A Dragonfly On My Finger

  1. Wow! That was soooo cool to see him take to you so comfortably – he feels your love and peace! What a bright color!

    • He is my little friend now. It seems he comes around and wants to hang out every time I’m in the backyard. Maybe I can train him to do tricks hehe.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Mom! OMG how come all the creatures always love you, not fair! 🙂 save all of these pictures for me.

  3. Love things like that. Warms ones heart! I have pic of a Hummingbird eating off my finger and I loved it!

  4. Interesting looking dragon fly! I usually see them as Blue? To tell the truth I am afraid of dragon flies, I once heard they BITE! As a kid one seemed too be chasing me while I rode my bike and I crashed into a neighbour’s NEW parked car and make a big scratch!! Not such a sweet memory for me:( But the one that landed on your finger sure looks sweet! ☺

    • Wow Tooth Fairy that is a pretty horrible story. It’s funny you asked if they bite because I did not really know until I picked him up. We also get blue dragonflies, but not as often.
      You might not like this because of your fear, but I thought I would share this up close and personal pics of my friend Bugs Gross or Beautiful?

      Thanks for stopping by. You do fly around the net at lightning speed>>>>

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