Succulent Garden In A Dish

I used to hate succulents because I thought they were boring and blah, well not anymore. I realized I was missing out by not utilizing these little gems in my garden and in my home.

Once I realized how easy succulents were to take care of they became my new garden favorite. Oh, I still love flowers and herbs, but succulents are sweet, simple, and versatile.

Indoor succulent garden
I used some of the trimmings from my outdoor garden to make this cute little planting for my coffee table. The planting that I’m going to show you here was made using trimmings from a week prior to planting them in the dish.

Let’s Get Started

After trimming the succulents in my yard I toss the best pieces onto a bakers rack under my patio cover. I just let them sit there until I’m ready to use them or throw them into the trash.

I’ve found it’s good to let the trimmings sit and “harden off” so they don’t get mushy after I plant them.  Sometimes the little trimmings even  start to grow roots. Take a look at the picture below.

After I gathered the trimmings I wanted to use I went in search of a vessel to plant them in. I was lucky and found an old green dish that my mother-in-law gave me as a gift that she purchased from an antique store. Woo Hoo! I scored by looking into the depths of my cabinets. The dish is approximately 2.5 inches deep and 6 inches in diameter.


I need to find some planting material. Am I going to use dirt or gravel. Hmm, I remember I have some left over aquarium gravel from some other project I made a few years ago. So back into the junk cupboards I go. Yes! I found it. Black aquarium rock. I decided to use the small, black, shiny rocks instead of dirt because I thought it would be cleaner.

aquarium gravel, small rocks, and glass gems

How to Plant Your Little Garden

This is so easy I did not take pictures of me actually planting the succulents. Let’s go through my steps one-by-one.

  • Have your dish clean and ready
  • Put aquarium gravel into dish, leaving approximately 1/2 inch from the top.
  • Put your pieces of succulents into the gravel.
  • Hold succulents in place using decorative rocks and glass gems
  • Sprinkle with water

Tiny Succulent Garden

I think these are the easiest little gardens to make. I’m not an expert, and I can’t tell you the names of any of these plants. I just know them as succulents. If you are reading this, and know the names, and want to share, please leave a comment.

The picture above kind of shows you how I  stuck the stem of the succulent trimmings into the gravel. First, I carefully remove the bottom leaves of the plant, leaving  just the stem to shove in the gravel. Wait! I mean gently insert stems into the gravel.

Indoor Succulent Garden Dish

Here is my finished mini succulent garden before I added the glass gems. I love all the different colors of green.

Give your little garden a sprinkle of water and you are finished. I water mine once a week. I take it to the sink and spray it gently to moisten the leaves and rock. I don’t flood it because I don’t want the stems sitting in stagnant water.

succulents in a glass dish

Two Weeks Later

I decided to put the green ceramic dish inside another low round glass vase. I then added some more glass gems to give it a little sparkle. The plants have already gotten taller. I will have to start trimming these pretty soon. To me this planting looks fresh, clean, and fun. Much nicer than plastic plants IMHO. Plastic and silk plants have their uses, just not on my coffee table.

I hope my post sparks your interest in these often forgotten or unloved succulent plants. I’m sure glad I stopped hating these little guys.

If you don’t have any succulents in your yard you can purchase small plants online or at your local nursery. Oh, I forgot to mention I live in Southern California and succulents love our weather. The plants are very easy to find in my neighborhood nurseries.

Suggestions, comments I would love to hear from you.




3 responses to “Succulent Garden In A Dish

  1. I love succulents, and there’s a guy at our local farmers market that sells really cute little ones. Might try this “in my spare time.” Very cool.

    • Thanks Denise for stopping by and leaving a comment. It was fun to make and took only a few minutes before it was done. I love farmers markets. I’m sure I would be buying some from the guy in your neighborhood.

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