What Kind of Birthday Party Should You Plan for Your Kid?

Planning a child’s birthday party is nothing like planning a party for adults. It requires much more effort, time, dedication, and love. You have to send formal invitations via email or snail mail. You have to plan activities, prepare food, get party supplies, bake a cake, and even make reservations at a party play center if you’re throwing the party away from your home. But before you do all that, you have to accomplish the difficult task of deciding what kind of party you’re going to throw. To help you decide, here are some of the most popular types of parties for children:

Pizza and Games Party

This is one of the simplest kinds of parties you can throw for your child. It usually involves going to a pizza and games center like Chuck E. Cheese’s or Dave and Buster’s and letting the kids munch on some food and then run around and play games to win tickets that they can redeem for prizes. A pizza and games party is the quintessential kind of party for kids, and you can usually never go wrong with this type of party.

Inflatable Party

You have the option of renting a moon bounce and setting it up in your backyard or throwing the party at an inflatable party center, which is essentially a warehouse full of moon bounces. There’s something about moon bounces that kids absolutely love, and it’s difficult to find a child that doesn’t like this sort of party.

Adventure Party

Adventure parties are trending these days. Adventure party centers are also popping up around the U.S. This kind of party center includes rock walls for the kids to climb, zip lines, rope bridges, and slides. An adventure party is best suited for kids who are a little older (ages 10-13), since activities like rock climbing aren’t always safe for young children.

Children’s Museum Party

Your child is sure to think that a trip to the children’s museum is a fun way to spend his or her birthday. The children’s museum keeps the kids engaged, and it’s educational. Call your local children’s museum and see if they allow groups to rent out rooms for parties. Most children’s museums do allow you to rent out a room to eat party food and cake in between touring the museum.

So, consider trying out one of these fabulous and fun birthday party ideas, and your child is sure to have a birthday blast!

Author’s Bio: Melissa is a mom and guest blogger who writes about the importance of quality time for families, party preparation and planning, and how to plan a Mario birthday party.


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