DIY Girlfriend Birthday Gift

Hey Friends,

Today I was making a little birthday gift for one of my girlfriends and I thought it might be helpful to you if I shared it.

I have a few close friends that I celebrate birthdays with (the girlfriend birthday club). We have an unwritten rule no gifts. We go to dinner and everyone pitches in to buy the guest of honor her dinner.

It’s hard for us to come empty handed, in fact none of us ever do. We just keep it super simple. Sometimes it’s a sweet card, re-gifting a good book, homemade dessert , or a little plant. We used to get all elaborate and it got out of control. This was supposed to be a girlfriend get together after work to celebrate life, relax, and catch up on what is happening with each other.

I decided I was going to make a card because I didn’t have time to get to the store.  I used MS word to draw a very  simple design. (You can download the template below). I wanted to give a little something along with the card so… I went to my little stash in the cupboard and found the crystal tea light holder and the plain boring  white tea lights. Then…

Enough with the back story

Lets Get to it…

Step 1

Print card template on white card stock.
note: Make sure your printer is set to borderless printing. It should print all the way to the edges. The file is in pdf format.

Step 2

Cut the card in half horizontally. The template makes 2 cards

Step 3

Fold card in half.

Phew that was hard I know. Your card is done. Write a nice note and you can pop it into the mail.

Of course I couldn’t leave it alone.

I had to add just a touch of sparkle*

So I added 2 rows of rhinestones

I added a touch of sparkly glue to the center of the flowers. I think that is just the right amount of sparkle. Not too much, not too little. I keep telling myself to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Your card is finished. Now to make the matching tea lights.

Tea Light to match the Card

The candle below was my test candle. The custom tea lights I made before used tissue paper for the design. On this one I used regular printer paper. My test came out great. The paper did not break out in flames. The paper just sunk to the bottom as the candle burned. Note: (Never Leave Your Candles Unattended)

Step 1

Print the card template on plain printer paper.

Cut out flowers to use for the design.

For the complete custom tea light instructions you can read my post here. I made something similar for another friend of mine.

Now to Wrap the Gift

I love using cloth to wrap presents. It’s fun, green, and  can be used again and again.

Kitchen towels work great for wrapping small gifts. Who couldn’t use more towels in the kitchen.  I just bought some pretty flower towels at IKEA and they are sitting in a bag somewhere, but where is the question I asked myself.

Luckily, after a few minutes I found them in the back seat of my car. Go figure, they were under some junk in the trunk haha.

What do you think? Spring Flowers work for me.

Now to wrap up the gift and tie it with a recycled satin ribbon.

That’s it. I’m now ready for the party. I hope my friend enjoys her little gift. I know I enjoyed making it. I also hope this inspires you to make your own gift for a friend.

Friends Are Precious!

Download and Print Card Template

View tea light instructions here

Have a beautiful day!


6 responses to “DIY Girlfriend Birthday Gift

  1. Soooo cute! Nice job! I want to try the candle.

    • Thanks Denise, The candle is so easy to make. Cut a piece of paper to size/shape. poke hole in the middle. Feed it through wick. Melt wax with heat gun or hair dryer to cover the paper. Easy peasy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You are so talented…when do you find the time?

    • Hi Lisa,
      This only took a few minutes to create and put together. Having craft supplies on hand, and little trinkets I pick up throughout the year helps a lot. I use my iPhone to take quick snap shots along the way to be used in a post if I decide to.

      You are so kind to stop and I appreciate your kind words

  3. Suzanne @ Kawartha Lakes Mums

    Great gift and tutorial! I really enjoyed it!

  4. Thank you Suzanne for stopping by. I appreciate your comment 🙂

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