My Not So Perfect Rag Wreath

Hello Friends,

I wrote this post last year and thought it might be good to post again. I was looking for this wreath in my closet so I could hang it back up  (thinking about Valentine decor). I might just have to make another one because I could not find the one in these pics. 

I was recently asked by my online friend Denise, over at Sun Kissed Studio if I would like to join in on the “Craft O’ The Month Party” I said “sure why not”. I’m in, I will make a craft. The craft this month was to make a Valentine Themed Rag Wreath. I’ve never made a rag wreath, nor had I ever seen one before.

Thank goodness for Roundy Rounds post on how to make a Rag Wreath. She had great instructions with beautiful pictures of her colorful wreath. I had no problems knowing what supplies I needed or how to make the wreath after reading her post. No wait, Roundy Rounds had the pretty pictures and she  had a link to this post that gave me the instructions with pics.

Off  To The Store I Go

I got my inspiration for the fabric I chose by viewing  this blog.

I walked around the fabric store forever looking for the perfect mix of colorful valentines fabrics before I decided to pick a nice “ivory”. I got the fabric at $3.99 yd which was 50% off. I think it was drapery lining fabric or something, you’d think I’d know since I grew up in fabric stores. I did know it was pretty, with a bit of a sheen, and it was cheap, no I’ll say inexpensive.

Next I was off to find the wire frame. I was shopping at Jo Anne’s Fabric store and they had the wire wreath frame for $1.49 for the 12″ wreath. Oh, and I got some red satin ribbon too. Which by-the-way I didn’t end up using.

Supplies – 12″ wire wreath and 1 1/2 yd. of fabric for  less than $10

I Went Right Home and Started Making My Wreath

Step 1 – Cut the strips of fabric. I made mine around 2″ x 18″, as you can see I didn’t worry too much about them being perfectly straight. Maybe I should have worried about that, but I didn’t.

Step 2 – Take one fabric strip wrap it around the wreath and tie a knot like this.

Keep wrapping and tying bows until your wire frame is covered. When you think you are done you will probably need to add more. At least that is what happened to me.

Step 3 – Now to add something special to my wreath. Right now to me it looks like a shaggy round thing that’s not so special and needs a little love. Ah ha, that’s it, I will add a little love.

So I got out some copper wire from my beading stash.

And then I found a little love heart, leftover from some bridal shower cards I made awhile ago.

I then made a free-form wire heart and attached the LOVE charm to it. I attached the wire heart to the wreath using 1/8″ pink satin ribbon that was sitting in my craft cupboard waiting to be used.

My Wreath Still looked kind of sad and blah. I wanted it to be very simple, but I didn’t want blah.

I thought for a moment, and back to my bead collection I went. After going through  my beads I decided on a few Swarovski crystals. Everything looks better with a little glimmer, don’t you think?

I think the few crystals helped a lot. When the wreath is on my wall without the crystals, you couldn’t see the heart in the center it just faded into the wall. The crystals gave it just a bit of pop so it brought your eye to it.

It was really hard taking a good picture of my finished valentine wreath on my wall. The lighting was not my friend and my picture taking skills, well let’s just say I’m not a pro. I used my handy dandy iPhone that’s cool isn’t it LOL.

Drum Roll Please ……..XXXXX……

Here is a picture of MY NOT SO PERFECT RAG WREATH

Every time I walk by this wreath I play with all the bows trying to make them even/perfect. Then, it came to me that the beauty of this wreath is it’s not perfect. Now I’m happy with my little valentine rag wreath just as it is.

I can’t wait to see all the other wreaths everyone made. I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Crafting,



6 responses to “My Not So Perfect Rag Wreath

  1. Your Valentine’s Rag Wreath is Gorgeous! I love the fabric you selected, the sheen gives it an elegant ambiance. You are so right about the sparkle – really nice touch and pop! I love the red ribbon, too, but can’t see where you would use it. Your wreath is beautiful, Tamara! Happy Valentines! XO

    • Thank you Candy. I do love the simplicity of the ivory fabric. The red ribbon was going to go at the top to hang the wreath. It just looked to bulky for me and the spot it’s in.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Hugs and Happy Valentines to you too! ox

  2. Oh, Tamara–I LOVE it!!! And you KNOW I’m a bead freak, so I think the heart with the beads is just the icing on the awesome cake! So creative you are. It’s beautiful!!! I bought my wire wreath frame today, so will be working on it tonight. 🙂 Thanks so much for participating! XO

  3. Thank you Denise, I appreciate that you asked me to join in. I had fun making it. Can’t wait to see yours and the others. Talk to you soon 🙂

  4. You are a great teacher and a true lifesaver tonight. I saw a wreath last night that I wanted to make for my 91 year old aunt for her birthday/Valentine’s Day. Went to Joanne’s. Dropped my teeth at the price of the Vaalentine fabric–even at 30% off. I have to mail it so was looking for a light frame–they never suggested a wire one. I’ve been searching the internet for 4 hrs. and have yet to find THE one I saw last night, but at Last I found your’s with great pix. Bless u! I’ll try to post a pix of my pricey wreath. But your’s is pretty now and then you can add other details for other holidays–red and blue ribbons for patriotic, etc. You were very clever, (Bunnies for Springtime) THANK YOU!

    • Sheila,
      Thank you so much for your nice comment. You made me smile when I read it this AM. I’m so happy it helped you. I would love to see pictures.

      I appreciate your comment,

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