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Gobble Gobble – Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Card

I needed to send out a few Thanksgiving cards so I decided to make them myself. I love making cards. I wanted it to be very simple and I could only use things I already had at home. I had no time to go to the store.

I decided to put a simple turkey picture on the front and say Happy Thanksgiving. So original, I know. I did not have a picture of a turkey. so I used my high tech skills and used my finger on the mouse pad to draw a turkey. Gasp, I even used MS word instead of a fancy drawing tool. Well, I did clean-up and color the turkey in photoshop.

Anyway, let me show you my Quick and Easy Card. If you need a card to make I give you the link to the template below. Just because I like you. Oh, and this would be so easy to have the kids make. Grandma’s and Grandpa’s love that kind of thing.

Scrapping Crafting Tools of the Trade

Supplies for 2 Cards:
1 – Piece of 8.5″ x 11″ white card-stock to print images or use plain printer paper
1 – Piece of 8.5″ x 11″ color card-stock
Tape or glue
Scissors or paper cutter
Embellishments as desired. I know you scrappers out there have tons of embellishments sitting around in those fancy boxes. I know I do, LOL.

1. Print images on card-stock

2. Cut out turkey card images

3. Cut 8.5″ x 11″ coordinating color card-stock
in half horizontally to make
two 5.5″tall x 8.5″ wide pieces

4. Fold color card-stock in half.
Score paper first if you have a scorer.

5. Tape or Glue Turkey to front of card and your done

Pretty easy don’t you think?

Maybe you want to color your own, add glitter, tags, and gems.

Here is one where I used water color pencils.

Click Here To Get Thanksgiving Card Template Now

That’s it, now you can make your own Turkey Card. If you have young children you might be interested in a card card template made just for kids to color Get it here


Friendship Tea ~ A Sweet Little Gift

Fall is quickly approaching which means all the holidays will be here soon. And with the holidays comes gift giving. September makes me want to get out my sewing machine, make cards, bake, and all that other crafty stuff. It just makes me feel good.

As I was feeling all crafty and creative I was also writing the Billy Gorilly Family Newsletter (If you like you can view newsletter here). I wanted to include Family Friendly recipes that the kids could help make, and wouldFriendship Tea from Music and Fun for Kids also be perfect for gift giving. As I was thinking, I remembered “Friendship Tea”.  My mother-in-law was the first one to share this recipe with me many years ago. I have fond memories of this special tea. She did not have much money, but she always gave very thoughtful loving gifts. I knew that this gift was from her heart, and her way of showing us how much she cared. I would be reminded of her love over and over until I finished the last bit of tea mix.

This recipe is easy to make and I’ve included a gift tag template

My husband also loves this tea. When I was taking pictures of the finished product my husband asked if he could have some, so I made him a cup of “Iced Friendship Tea” garnished with a slice of lemon. His response was “yum this is really good, can I have some more”. After 2 glasses of tea I did what any good wife would do and reminded him that this does have sugar, so drink accordingly.

Friendship Tea would be a perfect thoughtful little gift for your girlfriends, teacher, hostess, or just about anyone.

You can store the mix in clean recycled glass  jars, or purchase fancy jars. Just make sure the jars have airtight lids. I created gift tags (my gift to you) to adorn the jars, which include instructions on how to make the tea . Tie the tag to the jar with a ribbon and you are set to go.

Ingredients you will need: Print Recipe Card and Gift Tags
Tea Powder
Lemonade mix
Orangeade mix
Cinnamon & Clove
Containers to store mix
Printer for gift tags and recipe card (optional)

Mix ingredients in large bowl, then store in airtight containers. How easy is that!

Kids will have fun stirring the ingredients, learning how to measure, and about sharing with others.

Click Image to get recipe at

Download and Print Recipe and Gift Tag Template

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I do.

Be well,

How To Make A Five-Point Star With 1 Cut

Hello friends,

I found this in my files and I thought it would be perfect to share with you today. I created this how-to awhile ago for a newsletter I sent out.

I show you how to make the star just like they say Betsy Ross did many years ago. This would be a great thing to show the kids. String a bunch of them together and you can make a decoration to hang across the room as you celebrate July 4th.

New! how to make a star video on youtube

Have fun making your Stars!

Click on image to download five-point star instructions. ©2010 BillyGorilly.comClick on image to download the pdf file

★★★★Then make a bunch of Stars ★★★★

I hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday weekend with family and friends.