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All We Need is LOVE

I’ve been  thinking about Valentine’s Day decor and I had to have some of these

Wordless Wednesday

Picture of candy hearts with words

Thinking About Hope When This Popped Up

Wordless Wednesday

This was taken with iPhone this morning

Have a Hopeful Day!

Almost Wordless Wednesday — A Heart For You

My hubby sent me this picture. A picture of a heart, how cute, you might say. The funny thing to me about this heart is… It’s a piece of cereal that has been sitting on that drainage grate for 3 weeks. He dropped it so he knows how long it’s been there. It has rained 3 times. You think it would have disintegrated by now. The birds didn’t even want to eat it, and crows eat almost anything. Fiber cereal, no wonder it gives me gas. Oh gosh, did I just say that out loud.

Wordless Wednesday — Fall Pond Talk

Just because I thought it was cute!

Pic taken with my iPhone